Sunday, 29 August 2010

Sisley Fall Winter 2010: Phyto Star Eye palette in Sparkling Rhapsody

I couldn't help but notice the sparkling smokey palette set with an eye catching aqua from the Sisley fall winter 2010 collection.
The darkened silver mirrored palette (£54.50) contains a shimmery white, sparkling deep grey/charcoal, clean bright aqua and sparkly grey.

The colours are a lot more pigmented than the palette they brought out last year. I can either go for quite a vivid intense eye or a soft smokey look. The shadows are smooth (even the two sparkly ones) I get no fall out and they blend well.
Sisley have managed to bring out something that I think is quite different from the other fall ranges and its a shame this brand's makeup doesn't get more noticed as I think this is a real gem.


  1. Right up my street! I actually seem to think this about the great majority of things you show on your blog, but this looks really really gorgeous! I agree, the blue looks stunning and the palette, overall, different from what other brands have come up with. Got back home this morning, my son, of course, has a fever again (5th time since mid-June, if you've lost count :) ), so this week will be full of blood tests etc...but perhaps I'll need to buy some make up to cheer myself up! xx

  2. Very, very pretty indeed! And these colours are so you...
    I agree about their quality. I have a few of their glitter eyeliner pencils (gorgeous jewel tones), a few lipglosses (their shimmer is very chic an the lasing power impressive) and a blusher that is quite silky and blends beautifully. Haven't tried any eye shadows or base makeup though.
    Have a great week my dear!
    Nina x

  3. Hi Anna,
    I think you do deserve to treat yourself, so many lovely things out at the moment!
    Your poor little man, I really hope they can find out whats wrong and get it sorted, I get really upsett when my boy is only slightly ill so can't imagine how differcult it is for you,((hugs)) for both of you x

    Hello Nina,
    You know me well :) some of their stuff is so pricey though, I liked the look of the brow pencil in the new shade but I'm pretty sure they are nearly £30 eek!
    I was going to ask do you know whats coming out for fall from Suqqu ? x

  4. Ah, Suqqu!
    Right, so, from what I know, they are totally revamping the line. About twenty days ago (I think) there was an excellent post with link on A touch of Blusher's blog that gave details and pics. There is a new base makeup line comprising the usual textures (cream and liquid) plus a cream-to-powder new compact foundation in which I am extremely interested.
    Add to that powders (pressed and loose) and you get the picture.
    Also, new range of eyeshadows, blushers and lipsticks (they are discontinuing both current ranges of lipsticks and replacing them with one). I'm not quite sure what's happening with liners and mascaras, but I've never used any of theirs and I already have firm favourites, so to me these are minor points.
    Also, I think the are keeping their wonderful pen brow shaper...
    I'll try to find the link to the post if I can...
    Needless to say, I just can't wait for the new offerings!

  5. Yep, as promised, found the link:


  6. Thanks Nina, your my Suqqu expert :) Thanks for the link I'll go thorugh it tonight. Did you ever buy that really expensive brush of theirs ? x

  7. Not yet, as I have been in Athens for nearly two months now...but the time is drawing ever closer... :-))))

  8. This looks lovely! I like the sound of sparkly that doesn't leave fall out. I had a look at some sparkly powder that's been released as part of the Lancome coquettes collection. Trying to get it to swatch was tricky, what looked like it sound be a very darky colour with lots of sparkle was a patchy grey. So, well done to Sisley for getting it so right.

    I realised I haven't answered you about the Armani palette yet, I confess I left without looking at it in person :(. The SA was very attentive so I didn't have chance to browse. It wasn't until I'd left that I realised I hadn't seen it. The collection wasn't displayed all together unfortunately.

    Have you seen Temptalia's post about the Guerlain palette yet? I'm worried about the eyeshadow textures now.
    Jane x

  9. Hi Jane,

    I saw Temptalia's post too and had the exact same concern. It is way too much cash to get it wrong. Are they out in the UK yet?

  10. Hi Nina,
    Somehow I had it in my head you said about the brush before you went away, think I'm losing track of time!

    Hello Jane,
    I don't really like anything I've had from Lancome. So basically I will have to get the Armani palette for the good of the team, right ;)

    Hello both Nina & Jane...slightly concerned about the Guerlain now, I was going to the counter this Sunday, with the mind to get two of them, but am unsure now, the problem is we are not really going to be able to tell by swatching, I have read mostly good reviews on these, although a few saying they are sheer but not saying about them being not as smooth as their other shadows, and it does seem a lot of money to drop... augh.. on a separate note I went to MAC today and said I would buy the foundation to the SA but wanted to look at some other stuff, then went to look at the new long wear lipsticks, picked one up and she said "you do realise thats a lipstick and not a foundation" urm....

  11. Hi Nina, I think the palettes must be out now. They’re available online from Debenhams but I’ve resisted the urge to buy online so far.

    To both of you: You’re right, that swatching is not going to pick up whether the eyeshadows aren’t the best formulation. Unless they are utter rubbish and I doubt that. I don’t think there’s anyway to know until you have them in person. Replica and I will definitely have to take a hit for the team on this one!!

    Re: The Armani, yes, I’ll let you do that spot of research. It looks beautiful, I am cross I didn’t ask about it. The SA was very nice and would have let me have a play.

    Talking of which, I could cry about not being able to go to the ‘Fashion’s Night Out’ evening at Selfridges. It would be like make up Nirvana! Sob

    I had to laugh at the MAC lady’s comment. Yes, of course, you are totally the sort of person to get lipstick and foundation confused…..Ha ha ha ha!!!!

  12. Re MAC SA...loooooooooool...that's gotta be worthy of some sort of award!
    And, Replica, you're absolutely right: I did mention the brush before I left, saying that I was saving up for it. It is an investment indeed and if I'm honest, I'm starting to have second thoughts, especially in view of all the lovelies I want to purchase (such as E. Bess, Guerlain, Le Metier and, of course, the new Suqqu offerings)...we'll have to see.
    Have a lovely day ladies!

  13. Nina, I know exactly what you mean about brushes. I want to buy but the colours always take presidence!

    Breaking News! The Debenhams new season sale starts next Wednesday (I have an invite to the preview starting on Monday). It'll be 10% off Beauty. I really wish it was 25% like the rest of the departments but at least it'll take about £5 off the palettes. I'm pretty sure I'm going to wait for the sale but might see if I can go and have a look in person at the weekend.

  14. well you have just changed everything now Jane as it would make sense to get all our stuff with the 10% off...but I want it now.....I'll have to try and wait but I'm not the patient type :) x
    Nina, I say put the brush back on your "to buy" list and get some of the lovely makeup instead, its never much fun buying brushes! I wish that Le Metier fall would get online at Liberties soon, I'm checking for it everyday now! x


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