Sunday, 8 August 2010

Edward Bess lipstick in Pure Impulse

Pure Impulse in my second EB lipstick. The shade is a natural beige with a slight peach tone and a hint of pink. Although it does not have a shimmer finish there is a slight glossiness to it.

This is a really good shade to use when you cant decide what to put on as it seems to go with everything
EB lipsticks are quite creamy (although not the most moisturising I have), very pigmented and last well. They are scented quite strongly with fig, which I really like.
I still think that the majority of the EB lipstick line is more suitable for those who are not overly cool toned (I was very tempted by the lip wardrobe but had to concede that the bulk of the lipsticks probably would be too warm for me) but I do think this shade is wearable for those cool or warm toned.

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  1. Thanks Get Gawjus! I think this is a suits all shade :)


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