Sunday, 21 December 2014

A backstep with the new Guerlain KissKiss formula and YSL Couture Palettes

Did I jump the gun? Though initially pleased with the new Guerlain KissKiss formula and YSL Couture palettes, I've had a bit of a turnaround after I bought more KissKiss lipsticks and another Couture palette.

After my initial review of the KissKiss reformulation I went and bought two more shades; Red Insolence #320, mid toned red with satin finish and Fabulous Rose #363, plummy rose with shimmer (£26 each).
Whilst I don't deny the creamy texture, hydrating feel combined with very good colour payoff, there was something starting to irk me about about these. I'm finding the texture a bit heavy/clingy and I really find the scent annoying. Whilst I love all the colours I have, I just don't enjoy wearing these anymore.
Here are all my KissKiss shades L-R:Baby Rose, Red Insolence, Fabulous Rose and Beige Booster

Moving onto YSL and I still maintain the the new eye shadow formula is a massive improvement over the older palettes but it was only after I bought Parisienne (£39.50) and realised that I wasn't using Saharienne that I knew something wasn't quite hitting the mark.

Parisienne contains a taupe with a slight shimmer finish, slightly frosty sparkling white, candy pink with satin finish, medium warm rose with slight shimmer finish and in the centre a plummy brown with satin finish (I would have preferred this shade to be more intense as I find it too insipid to use as a liner).

The shadows feel smooth (though not creamy) and blend effortlessly, however this is where the problem lies with the Couture palettes in that they blend too easily. Colour distinction between shades can easily be lost so that the shades do not stand out distinctly when applied and a look can quickly turn messy/muddy looking.
I just wish the shades applied as distinct as they swatch.

Below is as clear as I can get the colours.

Though I buy a lot of makeup I am not a hoarder and am constantly editing my collection, weeding out any items that don't perform and these just aren't cutting it.
Have you bought anything lately that you have changed your mind about after a longer use?

I bought the Guerlain from John Lewis and the YSL from Boots.

Sunday, 14 December 2014

Diorblush Starlight & Rouge Dior Baume Garden Party

Released as part of a mini collection with the new Rouge Dior Baume, Diorblush in Starlight (£30) was also used as part of the autumn-winter 2014-2015 haute couture collection (makeup done by Peter Philips).

I've not seen much coverage on this but its really not to be missed if you like a natural looking highlighter. Its a pale ivory with a very slight creamy pink tone, a change from all the golden toned highlighters that seem to be prevalent.

The powder feels smooth and has a long lasting wear. What makes this stand out from a lot of highlighters is the finish; its not frosty, nor very shimmery but more of a pearly glow. It adds that bit of brightness and natural highlight that catches the light, never looking over done. I've also been using this over blushers that apply a bit patchy or are too bright as this really works a trick to blend everything in and impart a soft diffused look.

Taking a swatch of this on my pale skin was very difficult, I've shown it next to the Chanel Camelia de Plumes Highlighting powder, on the left (which looks unnatural and over the top on my skintone) to show the difference in finish.

Whilst a lot of people favour a more heavily pigmented, high shimmered finish, I much prefer a natural looking highlighter and though I don't normally buy back ups of limited editions, I will do for this.

There would be something inherently wrong for me to just pick up one item from a counter visit (it would get lonely in the bag) so I bought another Rouge Dior Baume.

I went for a slightly more intense shade this time, Garden Party (£26). Its a wearable red, you can use it lightly as more of a stain or layer to intensify, though its not one of those reds that takes over the complexion.

Swatched below with my other Rouge Baumes, L-R: Garden Party, Lili, Spring.

I like the formula of these, they are not heavy/tacky and they provide hydration and are very comfortable to wear. In these colder months I've found this formula and My Burberry lip glow balms the most forgiving for dry lips.

I bought these from Boots

Sunday, 7 December 2014

Burberry Winter Glow Collection: Gold Complete Eye Palette

The Holiday Winter Glow Collection from Burberry comes in enticing gold limited edition packaging, the collection is concise as normal and includes some re-promoted shades. I bought the Gold Complete Eye Palette (£40).

It contains a medium/deep satin brown, shimmery golden copper, shimmery golden toned khaki (the most complex shade, sometimes it looks almost pewter) and a shimmery golden beige.

I love these shades, I had wondered that the brown and copper would pull too warm but that's not the case at all. The shimmer level is perfect, Burberry shimmer is never over done.

The shades have a soft, smooth texture, great pigmentation, a long wear time and no fall out. The shades really do seem to just blend themselves. Though the initial release of complete eye palettes did not always mirror the quality of the single shadows, its seems that the more recent releases have the same high quality/performance as the singles.
This is one of my favourite palettes I've bought this year, its just a breeze to apply and I can go for a lighter look or add more of the brown to intensify it.

Its very much an easy to use, fuss free palette, containing a good mix of  complementary, wearable shades, with interesting tones.

I bought this from

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dior Golden Shock Holiday 2014: Diorific Golden Shock Colour Lip Duo in Enchanting Shock

I bought just one product for this year's holiday offerings from Dior. From all the reviews I've seen, the collection seems to have been a let down for many in terms of performance.

The Golden Shock collection brings us the same gold vintage packaging we have seen before, somewhat stagnant and I would have liked to see something new.

The Diorific lipstick's this year are made up of two sides, one side is velvet matte and the other is shimmery/metallic.

The matte side is true to the normal Diorific formula, the colours are rich, offering good coverage and a long wear time. The shimmery sides are a lot lighter in pigment, with most seeming to contain a golden shimmer. They feel slightly lighter than the matte side.

I went for the second lightest shade, Enchanting Shock (£29), it contains a peach/coral and then a much sheerer golden peach.

I like the idea of having the choice of a pure colour or sheer shimmery shade or a combination of the two. However, this particular shade doesn't quite work as when the two colours are paired together the change is not that distinguishable, as you can see in my swatch below.
Swatched: Both shades separate and then combined on the right.

Perhaps its because the lighter shade is a watered down version of the saturated shade and there needs to be more contrast, but ultimately whilst its quite a nice shade its not as versatile as I had hoped.

I bought this from Boots.

Sunday, 23 November 2014

By Terry the New Terrybly Densiliss Blush: Sexy Pink

By Terry recently added to their Densiliss line up, there is now a primer, concealer, compact pressed powder and blushers. As soon as I spotted the new blush formula on SpaceNK I just had to buy one even though I'd read no reviews or seen any swatches/real life photos.

I selected what seemed to be the lightest shade #5 Sexy Pink (£52). Its a beautiful cool toned true pink that does not turn ruddy. I'm a fan of the normal Blush Terrybly which I assume that the Densiliss is replacing. This has a similar texture, its smooth, silky and lightweight. Its densely packed so you don't get powder kick up when applying.

Where this exceeds the performance of many blush formula's is the long wear time (I don't notice any colour fade even after a full days work) and the finish.
The is something about the finish that makes my complexion look better, I presume its to do with the "light-reflecting Densiliss technology that harnesses a potent cocktail of pure High Colour micro-pigments and FTC - Flawless Time-Control - soft focus prisms to deliver smoothing correction and a morning-fresh glow".

Swatched below once then blended

Swatched below twice then blended (I had the window open so please excuse the rain drops on my arm)

My skin is naturally very dull, with very noticeably redness and acne scarring so blusher is tricky for me and this is the first time I've found a blush that makes my skin look improved. Whilst if you have a good complexion you might not notice the merits I experience from this, for me this delivers on giving a flush of youthful radiance, which makes the skin look smooth. My husband actually commented on it saying I had youthful rosy cheeks, not the normal thing he would say, so its doing something.
Though the cost of this is on par with my Tom Ford and Sisley blushers I find this out performs them and I think its worth the price.


I bought this from

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Dior 5 Couleurs palette: Montaigne

I wasn't entirely enthralled with the reinvented/reformulated 5 Couleurs palette from Dior in Versailles, finding it too shimmery/frosty, so this time I picked up Montaigne (£42) which looked like a good mix of everyday neutrals.

It contains a satin light pinky peach with a golden sheen, matte yellow toned cream, satin medium/deep brown, satin beige/brown and in the centre a matte warm tan. The only shade I find too warm is the centre shade.

Performance wise I'm not won over by this, I have dry lids and find these shades are prone to highlighting the dryness and they don't blend as easily as I would like. There is a slight stiffness in application which results in noticeable edges rather than a soft gradient.

Shown below you can see the hard edges (I used a Mac 217 to blend). The shadows feel quite smooth and silky, with pigmentation on the subtle side. Whilst these don't crease I do find that even with a base they do fade a bit.

In terms of the finished look I think the colours are great to enhance eyes rather than providing a lot of noticeable colour. However, the blending is an issue for me, and whilst I can get cleaner edges with very careful colour build up and using a more fluffy blending brush (like the Edward Bess Luxury eye brush)  I think that for this price range I shouldn't have to go to great lengths to get the best out of the product, it should just perform well.

I bought this from John Lewis.

Sunday, 9 November 2014

My buys from the Chanel Holiday 2014 Collection Plumes Precieuses de Chanel

We finally got the Chanel holiday collection in the UK, seeing a wealth of reviews before the collection launched here, I'd pretty much decided what I was going to get before seeing it in person, though the only thing I changed my mind about was the Caresse Joues Contraste as on swatching it was extremely powdery and flyaway.

Envol Illusion d’Ombre Eyeshadow (£25) is a warm peach with a frosty/metallic sheen. The initial colour payoff is on the sheer side but its easily built up.

It has the normal smooth texture, ease of blending and long wear as my other Illusion d’Ombres. Its too warm for me to wear on its own so I use it as a topper on other shades and combined with the Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder.
Swatched below L-R:Emerveille Illusion d’Ombre, Envol Illusion d’Ombre then Envol mixed with Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder.
Volage Rouge Allure Lipstick (£26) is a light peachy beige with a hint of pink and has a very pretty cool toned sheen finish.
This is probably one of the most unpigmented Rouge Allures I've had, nevertheless I do really like the colour. It feels smooth and none drying however as it has quite a bit of slip its wear time is shorter than my other Rouge Allures and it has a tendency to show up lip lines which is annoying.
I find it rather similar to the Rouge Coco Shine in Secret,  swatched below Volage then Secret.

I was very close to not buying the Camelia de Plumes Highlighting Powder (£47) once I'd swatched it in store as it seemed extremely shimmery and metallic, but for fear of missing out on something magical (with so many reviews declaring it a must buy not to be missed) I decided to jump on the bandwagon.
The colour is quite interesting, its a very pigmented cool toned gold that also mixes in platinum. Texture wise it feels smooth and blends easily onto the skin and lasts the whole day on me with minimal colour fade.
However this is certainly not my favourite highlighter. Even with a light touch I still find it a bit too metallic in finish, I prefer something more natural looking, I am enjoying this more used on the lid and in the inner eye corner.
Overall, whilst I'll get use out of these, I don't feel that any are must haves.

I bought these from Boots.
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