Sunday, 30 August 2015

Burberry Cream Shadow Dusky Mauve

Burberry releases always seem to sneak out rather than arrive with a bang, as with the case of the 8 cream eye shadows they brought out this year.

They come in a glass jar with a plastic screw lid, its a very chic design but due to the weight maybe not the best for travel.

I decided on Dusky Mauve (£25) which is a shimmery cool-toned mauve taupe. Its a lot more pigmented than I was expecting, and as I'm cool toned the mauve tones are more pronounced on me.
Shown below is just one application (this is with no primer after 5 hours wear).

Swatched below once then three times,

The formula is interesting, it does not have that really cushiony, spongy feel nor a creamy, mousse texture instead its more firm with not as much slip, however it does go on smoothly and blends nicely, its just not as spreadable as some cream shadows.

Its very lightweight and not at all clingy or drying, the wear is quite good, though best to use a primer if you want it to last the day.

Overall I like the comfortable texture and think the shimmer/sheen finish is really pretty, its certainly made me want to order some more shades.


Some really helpful reviews for the cream shadows can be found via Mostly Sunny and Indigo Kir Royale.

I bought this from whom I believe have the fastest shipping known to man.

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Dior Fall 2015 Cosmopolite Collection: Continental Rouge Dior

I picked up just one lonely item from the Fall Cosmopolite Collection, like most I tend to head towards more berry toned lipsticks come Autumn so couldn't resist the Rouge Dior in shade Continental (£26.50).

Continental is a pigmented berry red with a sheen finish. In my experience deeper Rouge Dior shades like this perform better than the lighter ones (which can often highlight dryness and sink into lip lines). Continental applies impeccably, its creamy but not overly heavy, and though I find it feels a bit clingy during wear, the finish looks smooth and not drying.


The shade has very good coverage and as it leaves a stain I get a good 6 hours wear time.
Shown below swatched once then three times

Now this isn't quite the perfect berry I was hoping for, its one of those many times that I've seen a shade looking beautiful on every other blogger but on me it doesn't quite hit the mark, its just a little too bright, lacking that bit of depth/richness, I don't have pigmented lips so whether that's the reason for the brightness, nevertheless this shade is beautiful in the bullet and though it doesn't quite correspond on me, I think I am in the minority so I'd still advise checking this out.
Shown below with one light application


I bought this from Boots

Sunday, 16 August 2015

Chanel Fall 2015 Les Automnales: Rouge Coco Shine Temeraire & Melancolie

The sunny days are becoming few and far between and the ever darker mornings signal the approach of Autumn. I love the colours of typical Autumnal collections but often they don't work for my colouring. Chanel's Les Automnales, however, seems to have incorporated a good array of colours, so whilst there is the expected earthy, rusty and khaki elements we also have some more neutrals and reds in the mix.

My hands immediately made a grab for the two Coco Shines (both £25 each), the shades are quite interesting, they almost look metallic in the tube. Melancolie #99 is a rusty bronze beige with gold shimmer/micro glitter

Téméraire #112 is a deep ruby red with subtle golden shimmer (this is one of the "colour" lipshines, as opposed to the "sheer" lipshines so it's more pigmented).

The lipsticks feel lightweight and comfortable to wear, Melancolie has more slip to it and has a shorter wear (around 2 hours on me) whereas Téméraire leaves a stain and wears for around 4 hours.

One thing I would mention is that after amassing a lot of Coco Shines I found that they turned after about a year, I therefore limit how many I buy now but these two shades are interesting enough that I am happy to have bought them, Melancolie is great for that soft warm lip and Téméraire is a striking vampy shade.

I bought these from Boots.

Sunday, 9 August 2015

The New Rouge Bunny Rouge Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow

What's better than having one of RBR bestselling cream eye shadow shades, well two of course, and so we have the new Silk Aether Long-lasting Duo Cream Eye Shadow.

The duo is called Gossamer Wing and it contains Atlas Swallowtail (nude taupe) and Brocade Skipper (beige/champagne). The finish is semi-matte, yet slightly luminous so that they don't look flat.
Swatched below then blended,

These are my two favourite shades from the cream line up, ones I've re-bought a few times and recently ran out of so it was rather fortuitous when RBR sent me this duo to try.

The shadows work a a primer or lid colour, providing a sheer wash of colour or built up to be more opaque.
Shown below applied sheerly with no primer and this is after about 7 hours wear,
The duo has doe foot applicators for easy application. It has a creamy yet lightweight texture that applies smoothly and evenly. I do not find these drying and love that they do not go on patchy and the edges blend out seamlessly.
The wear time is really good, I can get around 7 hours (with no primer) with just minimal fade and no creasing.
There's everything to like about this product, the colours look very natural and are great for that nude yet defined looked. They apply effortlessly and have a lasting wear that you can trust and the actual design is great for travelling. I think whats also worth noting is that unlike a lot of  cream shadows on the market these are especially forgiving on older lids where lines/folds are an issue.
RBR have provided a 20% discount for anything in the RBR range to all my readers. The code can be used via and is applicable for all the countries they ship to and there is no minimum spend. The code to enter in the discount box is RBR-VISIONARYBEAUTY20

Disclosure: This was sent to me for free

Sunday, 2 August 2015

Guerlain Bloom of Rose Fall 2015 Collection: Rose aux Joues & KissKiss Roselip

Inspired by the natural beauty of the rose, the Guerlain Bloom of Rose Fall collection seems more Spring like in its focus of soft, feminine hues.

The blushers, Rose aux Joues, have had a makeover, new black packaging and a new formula. Its meant to give you "rosy cheeks with a delicate glow. Its Pink Booster pigments capture natural light and enhance your complexion's natural pink hue in perfect affinity with the skin." I'm not quite sure how to read this as it makes me think that all the shades give a varying amount of pink flush to the cheek, even the peach and plum shades?

I bought shade Pink Me Up #06 (£33.50) . Its a bright cool toned pink, it has a really flattering glow finish (there is a tiny bit of sparkle).

Its not pigment heavy but builds up well. I didn't feel enthralled when I felt the texture, its density packed and feels rather stiff and dry, however it applies extremely well (not patchy or with noticeable edges). The downside is the wear time, I get noticeable fading after 4/5 hours so as much as I love the finish I'm in two minds as to whether to pick up another shade.
Swatched twice then blended,

Ingredients (this is scented)

The collection also sees the introduction of a tinted lip balm, KissKiss Roselip. I bought Chic Pink #372 (£26.50). Pigment is sheer (all the shades are meant to be subtle tints) but its a really pretty rosy beige nude with a glossy finish.

It glides on and feels hydrating, probably due to the oils it contains such as Jojoba and rose petal. It also contains Hyaluronic acid which is meant to plump the lips but I can't see any difference.Wear time is about 3/4 hours even with eating/drinking.
Swatched once then four times,

Ingredients (this is scented)

I'm always somewhat trepidatious with Gurlain collections so I was pleased with how these performed. My favourite is the blush, not for the colour (which I don't find unique) but for the pretty glowy flush it provides.

I bought these from There is currently a 20% off RRP on everything until 18th August 2015 (with code: ESCENTUAL20) I think they deliver worldwide.

Sunday, 26 July 2015

Chantecaille Summer 2015: Moroccan Rose and Mandarin Lip Chic

In addition to the rather lovely eyeshadow duo (reviewed here) Chantecaille released two new Lip Chics for their Summer collection.

Moroccan Rose is a pink and Mandarin is an orange (£30 each). Both shades have a brightness about them and a gloss/shine finish. Pigment is good, though I tend to wear these sheered out. Mandarin is the type of colour I normally avoid, however used lightly its surprisingly wearable, if your normally scared of orange this is a good one to try.
Swatched below (one swipe)

Swatched below (two swipes) I've swatched this the other way round to the photo above, don't ask me why....

I initially thought Moroccan Rose might be similar to Bourbon Rose however Bourbon Rose is more of a rosy pink.
Shown below Moroccan Rose on the left, Bourbon Rose on the right.

Though I tend towards more lightweight lipsticks I do really like the more balm like Lip Chic formula. It glides on, applying colour evenly without sinking into lip lines. The balm like qualities make these great for dryness and they feel super moisturising. The only aspects that I am not overly infused about is the short wear time and very slight sticky texture, thinking about it they are similar to the MAC huggables formula, though the Chantecaille definitely make my lips feel more moisturised during and after wear.

I really like both colours, they are perfect for that pop of juicy colour that enlivens your complexion, great for days you feel a bit drab.


I bought these from Space.NK

Sunday, 19 July 2015

Rouge Bunny Rouge Imperceptible Powder Evanescence plus a discount code for you

Rouge Bunny Rouge have brought out a new pressed powder called Imperceptible Powder Evanescence, its meant to be suitable for all skin types (including dry) and provide a "bare skin" finish. The formula is enriched with rose hip oil and contains an anti-wrinkle complex called D’Orientine S.

Though I need to wear powder daily as I get a lot of shine breakthrough, me and powder do not get along, however as RBR is a brand I have a very good success rate with I was keen to give this a try.

RBR very kindly sent me the powder, I selected the lightest shade Aura (there are four shades available). Aura suits my pale complexion well, there is a slight yellow tone to this that helps counteract some of my redness.

The powder has a smooth, silky texture and feels light weight. It does not blot out all shine, like something more heavy duty like MAC blot, but it prevents any more shine coming through. The powder really does lock everything in place, I notice very little change after a days wear (I tend to wear makeup from 6:00AM till 18:30PM).
Swathed below L-R: Trish McEvoy Translucent Finishing Powder, RBR Aura, Chanel Les Beiges No.10

The powder blends very nicely on the skin, not accentuating dryness nor fine lines and provides medium coverage with a natural you skin but better finish.
Shown below with bare skin and then just one light dusting of the powder,

Ingredients below (the powder is free from parabens, silicones and oils). This powder is heavily scented, kind of a sweet almond smell, fragrance tends to make my skin itchy straight away but I've had no problem with this but I would have preferred fragrance to have been excluded.

For me this is a solid performer as I have not encountered any of the problems I normally get with powders (such as feeling drying, clinging onto dry patches, not preventing shine, breaking me out and not lasting).
I really like that this does not feel mask like and provides a medium coverage that minimises excess shine without obliterating everything, so that your skin still looks like skin but just on a good day.

RBR have kindly provided a 20% discount for anything in the RBR range to all my readers. The code can be used via and is applicable for all the countries they ship to and there is no minimum spend. The code to enter in the discount box is RBR-VISIONARYBEAUTY20

Disclosure: The powder was sent to me for free
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