Sunday, 19 October 2014

October Hits & Misses from Burberry, MAC & Surratt

With a backlog of products to post about before moving onto the Holiday collections, forgive me for doing a couple of bung as many products as you can together posts :)
Part of the Burberry Fall release, Lip Cover in Tulip Pink #27 (£22.50), is available in the regular line up. Its a beautiful warm nude pink with an almost opaque coverage and a creamy slight shine finish. Though not particularly hydrating, its not drying and has an average wear time.
I'm still very tempted by the Nude Blush eye palette from the collection, I'm just waiting to see a review from someone cool toned to see if it would work on me.
From the MAC Artificially Wild collection I bought eyeshadows in Stony and Artificial Earth (£13 each). Artificial Earth is a medium mauve/pink nude. Stony is a medium grey. Both have a satin finish, good pigment but slightly dry in feel.
Neither shade suits me, Artificial Earth looks a bit muddy and Stony is just very ordinary and flat looking.
I bought Gospel Lipstick (22) from the Brooke Shields collection. It has a creamy, hydrating feel with a very good wear time, I wish all Lustres performed like this.
Its a medium plummy cranberry, its very wearable as is does not pull too dark or too bright. 
I've been impressed with the Surratt products so far, though a lack of coverage does make it difficult to make informed online orders for those of us unable to see the brand in real life.
For the eyebrows you buy the Expressioniste Rechargeable Brow Pencil Holder £17.50 and the Expressioniste Brow Pencil Refill £11. I bought the lightest shade Blonde. Its a slim line holder and the brush is tightly packed with the right amount of firmness.
In terms of texture this is easily the best brow product I've ever used, it just glides on like you wouldn't believe, delivering such a smooth application. The shade intensity is easily adapted to suit your needs and its lasts the whole day with no fading. Unfortunately the actual colour doesn't work for me as its too warm, nevertheless if you can find the right shade I'd recommend this in a heart beat.
Swatched below: Charlotte Tilbury Grace,Surratt Blonde, Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz in Taupe (formally called Ash Blonde).

Relevee Volumising Mascara in Noir £23, really is a lovely mascara for a more natural look. It gives really good length to the lashes with lift. The best aspects for me it just how clump resistant this is and how well it wears, even in hot humid or wet conditions.I do prefer more thickening with my mascara as I have sparse lashes but this is a mascara worth checking out.

So on the whole mostly hits, though I am forming a habit of making MAC mistakes (I didn't like anything I bought from the Novel Romance collection) so probably need to exercise some restraint :)

I bought the MAC from a free standing store, the Burberry from and the Surratt from

Sunday, 12 October 2014

The New Rouge Dior Baume: Spring & Lili

The recently launched Rouge Dior Baume has 14 shades in the line up, I was surprised by just how pigmented some were for a balm style product.

The new launch also includes three lip pencils, four blushers and four nail polishes.
The idea is that the Rouge Dior Baume combines colour with a protective, nourishing lip treatment.

They do not feel heavy and glide on with no sticky feel. As they don't cling on as such but have more slip the wear time is not long.
They have the hydrating/emollient feel of a balm, leaving lips feeling smooth and soft, and work well for general dryness/roughness.
Though if your lips are in a very bad way (I've had a cold so have that lovely peeling thing going on at the moment) these don't cover up such issues so best to exfoliate first.

I didn't buy the more intense shades, I picked up #468 Spring (£26 each) which is a sheer peachy/coral

and #558 Lili which is a soft red rose, it leaves a slight stain behind once the colour has faded.

Both shades have a glow/shine finish which makes the area look plump.

I think these are a great product for the impending winter months when lips aren't in the best condition and you really need something to hydrate and protect the area.


I bought these from John Lewis

Sunday, 5 October 2014

The new Chanel Rouge Allure Gloss: Sensible

Chanel has just brought out a concise collection showcasing their new Rouge Allure Gloss. Asides from the 8 Rouge Allure Gloss shades at the counter I went to (though I have read there might be 10/11 shades) there are also 3 new Nail Polishes and 3 new Rouge Allure lipsticks.

The first thing to notice is the packaging, its the same concept as the Rouge Allure Lipsticks in that you click the top and the tube pops up. It has a doe foot applicator which holds a good amount of product, I find one application provides enough coverage.

I bought shade #15 Sensible (£26). Its a natural looking pink with a glossy finish.

In terms of formula, the write up is that this is "a gloss for women who love lipstick. A lipstick for women who love gloss". The product is said to combine "lacquered shine with intense colour, maintaining shine and hold for hours on end".

Do I agree, well If you are going to bring out a new formula its needs to offer something different or be an improvement on the other products in the range. I don't find this that dissimilar to the Rouge Allure Extraits (which I assume its replacing). It has the similar gel like texture, smooth application and good pigment and non drying feel. Its perhaps slightly lighter than the Rouge Allure Extraits, though still has the same sticky/tacky feel. I would say that the new Rouge Allure gloss has a very short wear time, which is disappointing considering that was meant to be one of its attributes.

Its not a bad gloss by any means, but I just don't think it offers anything new to the table and I don't think it delivers on its claim of a long wear.
I bought this from Boots.

Sunday, 28 September 2014

Chanel Joues Contraste #80 Jersey

With the release of the new Chanel Vitalumière Loose Powder Foundation came two new limited edition shades of Joues Contraste, #80 Jersey and #170 Rose Glacier.
Though I was tempted to pick up Rose Glacier (pink with golden shimmer), I settled on Jersey (£31) as I was interested in trying the pressed powder version (usually released in the US) instead of the European baked formula (interestingly both versions are made in France).

Actually I was surprised to see the pressed US formula out here, makes you wonder if  the brand is planning to have just one formula, like they have done with the eyeshadow palettes recently.

Compared to the baked, the pressed has a smoother, less dry/powdery texture (though still not creamy) and pigment is quicker to build. One thing I don't like is the very strong scent.

Ingredients below:

Onto the shade and Jersey is a warm, rusty rosey brown with subtle gold shimmer. I find it quite pigmented and if I over apply, it can take on a bit of a orange tone, though I suspect this will likely only happen with those who have very pale skin like me.

It applies quite smoothly and lasts about 6 hours before I notice fading. I've read a few posts on forums that wondered if the shade was similar to the Tom Ford Stroked Contouring Cheek Colour Duo. Whilst there in a similar colour family, from the swatches below (Tom Ford on the right) you can see that the Tom Ford is deeper and warmer.

I'm pleased with this blush, its a nice warming shade that seems to work with a variety of looks. I do prefer the texture and application of the pressed versus the baked, so if you are use to the baked formula this might be an interesting one to try out.

I bought this from Boots

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Bobbi Brown Fall 2014:Smokey Nudes Eye Palette

Limited edition for the Fall Smokey Nudes Collection, the Smokey Nudes Eye Palette (£48) contains the following shades:
Cream Eye Shadow (matte cream)
Naked Eye Shadow (matte warm clay nude)
Woodrose Eye Shadow (matte grey)
Silver Brown Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter taupe)

Watercolor Pink Sparkle Eye Shadow (glitter seashell pink)
Nude Beach Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden beige)
Smokey Brown Metallic Eye Shadow (shimmery golden bronzed taupe)
Smoked Eye Shadow (matte deep cool toned brown)

The palette has a good range of finishes and shade depths, the only colour inclusion I question is Naked as its very warm against the other shades and doesn't quite fit.

Though Watercolor Pink is more of a a topper shade, the others all have good pigment and blend well. I do need to use an eye primer with the shades (though I do get fall out from Watercolor Pink even with a primer).

This is easily the best Bobbi  Brown palette I've ever had, not just because of the flattering versatile colours, but predominately because of the performance. For me the shadow formula in BB palettes is extremely hit and miss, some are smooth and are easy to work with but others can be lacking in pigment, dry, chalky and apply really patchy, I was therefore surprised that none of the shades in Smokey Nudes apply poorly. The formula is definitely an improvement on past palettes.

Though I could have done without Naked, I am really liking this palette, it allows me to create a smokey eye of differing intensities, and also a subtle nude look.

I bought this from

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Chantecaille Fall 2014: Fairy Moss Hydra Chic Lipstick & Cheek Shade Bliss

This years Fall collection from Chantecaille looked like a sophisticated array of wearable warm neutrals, the colours kept soft and simple.

Fairy Moss (£30) is my first Hydra Chic lipstick. Its very creamy with a slightly heavy feel and has very good coverage.
Though is feels quite moisturising this particular shade highlights lip lines and I can't attest to its claimed "6 hours of wear" as find this no longer lasting than an average lipstick.

The finish is a satin matte, I was expecting a rose/pink nude so was surprised by just how beige this is. It swatches better than it applies on the lips for me, as I just get a flat beige.


For cheeks we have Bliss (£32), its embossed with the signature Chantecaille rose (in celebration of their 15-year anniversary).

Described as a sheer petal pink, on me its a warm dusty pink. Though seemingly matte it does have a glow about it once applied. It has a smooth, lightweight texture, it applies reasonably well (though not seamlessly) and lasts about 4/5 hours before I get heavy fading. I would say that this has a dryer feel than my other Chantecaille blushers.


You can probably tell that there is not any love going on here and though I was eyeing up the eyeshadow palette from the collection, I've decided to give it a miss due to how these products have failed to wow me.
I use to be heavily into Chantecaille (I had much more of the range before I started blogging), it was always a nice indulgent luxury, who's quality was worthy of the price, however I have felt that certain formula's have changed over the years and the brands not quite at it's peak as it once was.

I bought these from

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Tom Ford Fall 2014: Stroked Contouring Cheek Colour Duo

Stroked (£56) is the lighter option of the two limited edition duos released for the Tom Ford Fall collection. It was always going to be a risk for me ordering such a warm looking duo, but I was intrigued by the rusty autumnal tone of the blush and was interested to see how a Tom Ford highlighter would perform.

The duo is meant to create sculptured cheekbones, with the deeper shade adding definition and the lighter shade to highlight.

It contains a rusty orange and a yellow champagne highlighter. The blush has a shimmery/glow finish and the highlighter has a frosted, high shine finish (though it does not emphasize pores).
The texture is really good, as soft and smooth as you would like. The product glides onto the skin but due to the extremely high pigment, if you have pale skin like me, you really only need the faintest of touches.
Swatched below on the left and blended out on the right,

I wanted to love this as I think the texture/application is top notch but as much as I try to get these colours to work for me they are just too warm and the finish makes me feel a bit overdone.


For those looking for a more dramatic finish with intense pigment then Stroked is definitely a good option if you suit warm tones.

I bought this from
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