Sunday, 13 April 2014

Dior Addict Fluid Stick Frisson & Rieuse

There has been quite a buzz about the latest lip formulation from Dior, there are a lot of new liquid lip launches at the moment but I was especially eager to try these new wonders after reading the enticing review from the lovely drivelaboutfrivol.

The SA let me buy some shades before the official release in the UK (16th April), of course this meant that I didn't get to swatch/test the colours before buying but I am pleased with my choices.

Available in 16 shade, I bought 2 of the more natural/sedate looking shades (£26 each).
#239 Frisson is a peach /apricot
#373 Rieuse is a warm pink (both shades have a shine finish, though appear more satin if you wear them lightly)
The colours are extremely opaque/pigmented (there is no bleeding of colour), though also adaptable as you can wear as a sheer wash or full on colour. 
They apply really smooth, with a creamy, lightweight feel however they really cling/hug onto the lips and are tacky when you press your lips together. They have a long wear time which fades evenly.
I really love that these feel moisturising and do not leave lips feeling dry after wear. 
Ingredients below (they are scented). 
This product is a thumbs up for me; it packs a punch with colour, yet is great when used sheerly to give a wash of colour, it has a flattering finish with a good wear time and doesn't dry out the lips.
I bought these from Boots

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

Estée Lauder Double Wear All Day Glow BB Glow Moisture Makeup

It just sounded so good, a luminous/glow finish with lightweight texture and long-wear, what's not to like?
I bought the lightest shade, 1.0 (£29) which is actually a very good match as its not particularity cool or warm and is pale enough for my skin that's a shade lighter than a MAC NW20.

The texture is quite creamy, heavier than I expected from the description. I didn't expect high coverage at all but was surprised by just how sheer it was, it does even to some degree but is not buildable. Pores are a major problem for me and this really only barely conceals them. It has a slight glow to the finish and I mean slight.

I thought this would be moisturising, but don't find that the case, skin really needs to be completely smooth and a good moisturiser used to ensure that this doesn't go on cakey or highlight dry areas.
Now I can forgive this as I have bad skin, so when I try a skin base I never expect miracles to happen, but where I feel disappointed with this product is the wear time.
Estee Lauder has a lot of well established long wear foundation/concealers and this addition it meant to wear for up to 8 hours. My skin is predominately dry and this lasts barely 4 hours before its pretty much completely gone, that's just not good enough for a product boasting long wear claims.

As far as I am concerned this product falls short of its claims, there are some good features such as the SPF30, being fragrance-free and a good range of shades, but it does not give skin a "vibrancy, imparting a clear, bright tone and lustre to skin for a flawless, healthy glow" and the wear time is poor.

I bought this from Boots.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

NARS Spring: Kauai Eyeshadow Duo

I'd been trying so hard to resist this spring duo from NARS, as though the colours of Kauai (£25) look beautiful, the high frost/metallic finish didn't quite fit with my natural every day favoured shadows.
I of course finally gave in and am pleased I did.

The duo contains an antique gold with a dense metallic finish and a medium bright purple with a iridescent/metallic finish.
Swatched below and then both shades together on the right,

Both shades apply true to pan as they are extremely pigmented/opaque, so much so that I do blend these out to get a sheerer effect. Both feel smooth, soft and creamy, blend wonderfully and last all day used over a primer.

As much as I love the texture and ease of application, the finish of these shadows is so metallic that they do verge on being just to glitzy. However, used with a light hand I do really like the finished look.


I bought this from

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Lancome Lip Lover

The newly launched Lip Lover formula (£18) is meant to be an all in one; giving the comfort of a balm, the pigment of a lipstick and the shine of a gloss.

The packaging is quite neat as it has a little button you press which makes the applicator pop up.

The shade I bought called Beige Adage #332 is in fact not beige and instead a rather warm pink.

The pigment is good and it does have the dewy/shiny finish of a gloss but I'm not so sure about the balm like qualities which are meant to provide "eight hours of moisture". Though it has a creamy/moisturising feel, it's also a bit tacky and I'm very aware that I am wearing it, furthermore I do find my lips feel rather dry after wear.

Now I have to say that the description of Lip Lovers is extremely similar to the recent launch of Lancome's parent company, L'Oreal Paris, Color Riche L'Extraordinaire Liquid Lipstick (£8.99) with the 3 attributes listed as "colour intensity of a lipstick, magnifying shine of a gloss and the softness of a balm". Though the Lip Lovers have a far better shade range, and are a tiny bit less tacky I find the L'Oreal does not make my lips feel dry after wear.

Swatched below L'Oreal Rose Melody, Lancome Beige Adage

Essentially I am not impressed with either but I think if you wanted a liquid lipstick/gloss you shouldn't discount the much cheaper L'Oreal.

I bought these both from Boots.

Sunday, 30 March 2014

Chanel Les 4 Ombres Tissé Camelia

My second quad from the newly reformulated range, Tisse Camelia (£40) contains a shimmery medium mauve taupe, shimmery white, iridescent peachy pink and satin finish deep cool brown.

The colours work extremely well together and its more of a cooler overall look. Actually I am finding that too much coolness doesn't actually suit me so in hindsight I'd probably been best to skip this one, but it really is a classic combination of shades with a good variation in intensity so you can go for a soft look or full on drama.

Texture wise, whilst this is much improved in terms of pigment, smoothness and blendability compared to the baked formula, I don't find this quad quite as smooth/soft to the touch as the shades in Tissé Mademoiselle (reviewed here). I am being pernickety and it doesn't affect application but I thought worth mentioning.

I bought this from Boots.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Burberry Lip Mist Lipstick in Rosewood

The Lip Mist Lipstick in Rosewood (£22.50) came out with last years Fall collection. I've used up my Rosewood in the Lip Cover formula so was keen to give this a try as I prefer the Lip Mist formula as I find it more hydrating.

The colour is a perfect rose with a glossy finish, neither cool or warm, great for those who want a red tone lip that isn't bold.
Swatched once and then twice,

Its one of the more deeper toned lip mists (like Brown Sugar), swatched below together,

Due to the higher pigment this does last that bit longer than my paler Lip Mists (though not beyond 4 hours). The formula has a balm like feel and provides moisture/hydration so that I don't have to worry about it showing any dry patches I might have.
Like the majority of Burberry products this is scented, ingredients shown below:

I am really loving this colour, one swipe for an everyday shade or layered for a more striking look, I really find it complements the majority of makeup looks.

 I bought this from

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift eyebrow pencil

Whilst I've been really enjoying the Charlotte Tilbury range, I have come up against my first product that I am less than impressed with.

The eyebrow pencil comes in three shades and I bought the lightest, Grace (£22.50). One end has the triangular-shaped brow cream-pencil and the other a brush to groom through the brows and eliminate excess colour, then there is the additional inclusion of a sponge tipped shadow powder highlighter, this is meant to be used under the arch to give lift to the brow.

Lets start with the actual pencil, it has a reasonably smooth texture but is still a tad drying and I don't find it has a great wear time. The colour is too warm for me and can often look a bit orange/yellow (I really think a lot of brands struggle to make good brow pencils for blonde hair).

Next is the powder highlighter, it seems a bit gimmicky and to begin with I just kept forgetting it was there. The colour is too dark for me to use for its intended brow lift and used on the actual lid, its a slightly warm champagne shimmer with a formula that is nothing to write home about.

Finally the actual brush end, I find it a bit scratchy and uncomfortable to use (the one in my Hourglass pencil is far softer whilst still doing a good job of brushing the brows through).

Swatched below with some other brow products, L-R:Mac Fling, Charlotte Tilbury Grace, Hourglass Blonde, Chantecaille Ash Blonde.

My first miss from the range, and I was doing so well, I certainly think there are better brow products on the market.

I bought this from
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